What is Staging?

Staging is the process of preparing, packaging and presenting your home. The goal of Staging is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling a property more swiftly and for more money. Staging techniques focus on improving a property's appeal by transforming it into a welcoming and more attractive first impression of the property.

Why home staging?

• Sell at a higher price

Staged properties command an average sale price that is 6.9% higher than non-staged properties.

• Sell faster

Properties which are not staged, remain on the market for a longer time. Staged properties average 50% or less time on the market.

• It pays for itself

Mostly the staged houses sell at asking or over asking price.

• Home staging helps the listing stand out

The Staging brings the full potential of the house, minimize the impact of its weaknesses and optimize the space.

Why should you pick Stage i Home Staging?


With our designing background of over 20 years we've staged thousands of local properties in and around GTA. Through our experience, we know what works for the neighbourhood.

More design styles.

Stage i Home Staging is able to select from a variety of design styles to best showcase your property. From Traditional Craftsman to Urban sophisticated, Tuscan to Mediterranean and Contemporary.

A faster service.

With a team of certified design professionals, we will transform your home.

Own Service team.

We have our own service team of contractors, cleaners, packers and movers.

We cover entire GTA and more.

Process of Staging. What to expect.

Step One: Consultation

A Consultation is a process of recommendations based on staging elements such as de-personalizing, de-cluttering, maximizing room size, highlighting architectural features and focal points of the home. It is a complete walk through room-by-room, of the house.
Recommendations will be give for repairs, removal and re-organizing the home. There will be reference sheets for the preparation work or recommendations prior to showcasing your home and the timeframe and budget for the staging and showcasing will be determined.

Step Two: Prepping according to Recommendations

Its time to work and prepare the home. The homeowner completes identified action items in order to so that it appeals to the greatest number of potential buyers. It is up to you, to pave the way. People want a move in ready home and are willing to pay more money for this. If you are willing to undertake the recommendations on your own or have friends or family who can help you out with these tasks this significantly reduce the cost of the overall project. If repairing, packing and cleaning are not what you wish to do, we can recommend professional painters, handyman, packers, movers and cleaners whom you may hire to complete the process.

Step Three:  Quotes

If needed, we will arrange for Furniture rental and accessories on a monthly rental fee as necessary to complement each rooms look. Quotes will be provided with in 1-2 days of the initial consultation.

Step four: Showcasing you home

Its time to get the home ready for the market and the pictures. Once the top recommendations notes are completed by you, our fully trained team will showcase your home.This process can take 4- 12 hours, depending on the requirements. We will showcase your home’s maximum potential by creating different focal points through-out your home along with natural flow of the space. Which will make your home a perfect dream home for the potential buyers.